Lithoscapes is a library of acoustical Impulse Response recordings made at a number of important geological sites found within the Kent Downs AONB. At each location a sound recording was made of a balloon being popped. This sonic information is processed to create a reverb effect, encapsulating the acoustic space, so that it can be reproduced when applied to other sounds. The web app allows the user to compose patterns of sound and play them into their chosen lithoscape.

*Headphones recommended

Impulse Response recordings were made at sites across the breadth of the Kent Downs AONB, recognised for their geological significance and exemplifying the geo-diversity of the region: Peene Quarry, Lenham Quarry, Devil’s Kneading Trough at Wye, Dryhill Quarry, Oldbury Hill and Coldrum Long Barrow.

Oldbury Hill rock shelter

Lithoscapes was commissioned for SALT + EARTH Festival by Creative Folkestone and Kent Downs AONB, and exhibited at Urban Room Folkestone.

Photography and video of the field-recording process by Astrid Goldsmith.