Lithoscapes is a library of acoustical Impulse Responses recorded at important geological sites found within the Kent Downs AONB. At each location a recording was made of a balloon being popped. This sonic information is processed to create a reverb effect, encapsulating the acoustic space so that it can be reproduced and applied to other sounds.

Accessed through a web app, a sequencer allows the user to experience each space by playing sounds into their chosen lithoscape.

>> Go to Lithoscapes app (online version) <<

*Headphones recommended.

Oldbury Hill

Photography and video footage of the sound recording process by Astrid Goldsmith. Watch a trailer here.

Lithoscapes was created for SALT + EARTH Festival, co-curated by Folkestone Fringe, Creative Folkestone and Kent Downs AONB, and exhibited at Urban Room Folkestone.