Pent Happenings

In response to the question “What’s happening, exactly?” posed by Folkestone Fringe (and as part of the MagiC Carpets platform), Pent Happenings is a series of audio-visual works based upon geo-scientific data and research concerning the urban area of Foord in Folkestone, home to a community that has experienced a history of severe flooding due to its proximity to the Pent stream that flows between properties and below ground en route to the sea at Folkestone Harbour.

Pent Happenings - Foord Map

Pent Happenings investigates the remote-chance adverse events caused by natural processes in the area, and how we can interpret the elemental signs in order to predict and prepare for future events.

A series of outcomes explore alternative methods of facilitating a connection to the natural environment, harnessing the forces of nature described in geo-scientific data and reinterpreting the information through audio-visual media.

These outcomes include:

An exhibition and events took place as part of the Folkestone Fringe’s Festival of Looking in October 2020.

This project, hosted by Folkestone Fringe, is part of the “MagiC Carpets” Platform co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. This project has generously been supported by Arts Council England.