Pent Happenings

In response to the question “What’s happening, exactly?” posed by Folkestone Fringe, and as part of the MagiC Carpets platform, Pent Happenings is a series of audio-visual artworks based upon geo-scientific data, field studies and research concerning the urban area of Foord in Folkestone. The community has experienced flooding on at least four occasions in the past 120 years having developed around the Pent stream, which flows between properties and below ground en route to the sea at Folkestone Harbour.

Pent Happenings - Foord Map
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Wind Chime

A virtual wind chime, created in Pure Data (Pd), reacts to real-time Met Office data. Wind speed and wind direction data is used to trigger a pentatonic scale of synthetic bell-like sounds. An automated text-to-speech recitation of the corresponding weather conditions is sounded at regular intervals, using descriptions from the Beaufort scale.

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