Pent Sounds

Pent Sounds is a sound map composed of field recordings made by the artist and participants documenting the ‘acoustic ecology’ of the Pent stream and its environs.

Participants are invited to contribute their own recordings to the project, made using any portable recording device or smartphone with a recording app. Markers will be added to the map above enabling playback of recordings made at each specific location.

Send your audio files (.mp3, .m4a or .mp4 format) and recording details (location, date and time of recording, equipment used and other observations) along with your name to, or by using the form below.
Please note: Maximum file size 12MB.

    (Using Google Maps, right-click the place on the map and select the latitude and longitude to automatically copy the coordinates.)

    * Should you need or wish to trim, edit or convert your audio files, you can use any audio editing software such as Quicktime Player or Audacity. Audacity is free, open source and cross-platform, and includes useful tools such as spectrogram view for visual analysis of the frequencies heard within your sounds.

    Pent Sounds exhibition map, using QR codes for audio playback. Photo: Josh Jordan.