Pent Happenings

In response to the question “What’s happening, exactly?” posed by Folkestone Fringe, and as part of the MagiC Carpets platform, Pent Happenings comprises a series of audio-visual artworks, workshops and events drawing on field studies, geo-scientific data and research concerning Folkestone’s Pent stream and its environs.

Pent Happenings - Foord Map
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Wind Chime

A virtual wind chime, created in Pure Data (Pd), reacts to real-time Met Office data. Wind speed and wind direction data is used to trigger a pentatonic scale of synthetic bell-like sounds. An automated text-to-speech recitation of the corresponding weather conditions is sounded at regular intervals, using descriptions from the Beaufort scale.

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Starling Broadcast

Starling Broadcast is an electroacoustic work combining sampled bird song with digital synthesis and improvised manipulation. The source field recordings, capturing the sound of a starling roost beneath Folkestone Harbour’s 1930s swing bridge, were made over three subsequent dusk evenings in late November 2018.

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