Flow Rate Event

Local residents are invited to take part in a Flow Rate Event – a field studies task to gather data in order to calculate the flow rate of water in the Pent stream.

An ‘event score’ contains instructions for performing the task by floating an object downstream and measuring its speed. The data can then be fed into a Pure Data (Pd) patch programmed to create a sonification (and visualisation) of the findings (see Flow Rate).

The Flow Rate Event score and worksheet can be downloaded below:

• Flow Rate Event score – PDF
• Flow Rate Event worksheet – PDF
(You may use this Flow Rate Calculator to help you complete the worksheet).

Submit your flow rate data here.

Flow Rate Event

The first Flow Rate Event took place on 3rd October 2020, with a second Flow Rate Event enacted as part of MagiC Carpets Year 3 activities during the Festival of Looking. A third Flow Rate Event was held on Saturday 3rd July 2021 as part of MagiC Carpets Year 4 activities in the run up to the Folkestone Triennial.

Previous Flow Rate Event data:

Flow Rate Event No.WatercourseLocationDateTime (approx.)Flow Rate (m3)
1Pent StreamParkfield Road, Folkestone03.10.202014.000.028
2Pent StreamParkfield Road, Folkestone17.10.202014.300.021
3Pent StreamParkfield Road, Folkestone03.07.202110.450.030

Visit the Flow Rate page for an example of how this data may be represented both sonically and visually.