Pent Stream

Pent Stream is a sonification of data recorded by the flood monitoring station at Black Bull Road in Foord, Folkestone. The data is made available via the Environment Agency’s real-time flood monitoring API feed.

Programmed in Pure Data (Pd), the most current river level (updated every 15 minutes) begins a sequence of electronic tones, followed by the high, low and mean river levels recorded on the previous day. Each measurement (in metres) is converted into a musical pitch for each tone, at a scale of 1cm per octave beginning on the note C5.

The sequence has also been visualised in a simple graph with each reading, along the x axis, colour-coded and rising to the corresponding river level (or pitch) along the y axis. For reference, the graph includes white lines at 0, 0.5 and 1m increments as well as displaying the highest recorded (0.77m, magenta) and typical low levels (0.08m, cyan).